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We aspire to be your single point of contact for all coaching services. We've got you covered on the background checks of coaches and hope to form a lasting relationship with your company; collaboration is central to everything we do.

Key Features:

  • We give a uniform approach to the entire coaching process
  • We present a client dashboard so that you can monitor your progress and see how much have you achieved
  • Stakeholder Feedback

Certified Coaches

ICF (International Coaching Federation) or similar aggregated coaches

Best and Standardised Coaching Process

Based on global best practices as per ICF and standardisation of coaching process

No Cost Consultation

15 minutes of free consultation with shortlisted coaches for you to choose your best match

How It Works


Assess Your Coaching Needs

Book an appointment and talk to a CoachWale representative who will assess your goals and priorities.


Customising Coaching Standards

We will design a coaching strategy that suits your company goals and needs and ensure efficiency in the workplace.


Introduce Best Global Practices

Based on global best practices as per International Coaching Federation with our top coaches.


Evaluate Impact

We make sure that you can see your goals being achieved at every step by continuous evaluation and appraisal.

CoachWale Process

Establish Stakeholder Expectation

Meeting with the coachee to finalise the goals

Assess needs

Discussing Timelines

Deploy PMC Audit

Execution and documentation of the sessions

Progress report shared with the company via dashboard